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EarlySense Vitals Surveillance System
Part Number : AME-00100
Bedside monitor
Part numbers reflected are for US Domestic use only, and some products are not available outside the U.S. Please contact your local Welch Allyn Representative for more information.
EarlySense Vitals Surveillance System : Accessories
Part Number : AME-00200
Contact-free sensor
Part Number : EPB-00024
Nurse Station patient management server
Part Number : EDM-00003
Nurse Station patient touchscreen display
Part Number : EDM-00004
Hallway Display
Part Number : EDM-00005
Nurse Office Display
Part Number : BTA-00021
Part Number : BTA-00010
Part Number : BTA-00024
Pager Programmer
Part Number : MSH-00033
Metallic Plate for beds
Part Number : AME-00520
Bedside Monitor Wall Mount Kit
Part Number : EDM-00006
LCD Wall Mount
Part Number : BTA-00004
VGA Splitter Amplifier
Part Number : BTA-00007
Stereo Audio Splitter
Part Number : EBZ-00006
Part Number : AEC-00041
VGA Cable Male-Female
Part Number : AEC-00042
Stereo cords from splitter to LCD cable
Part Number : AEC-00043
VGA Cable 70ft Male-Male
Part Number : AEC-00044
Standard VGA Cable from splitter to Touch Screen Male-Male
Part Number : AEC-00054
Ethernet Cable
Part Number : AEC-00055
Serial Cable from Transmitter to PC
Part Number : S3-Premium-ES
Annual Sensor, PM and service agreement
EarlySense Vitals Surveillance System : Sales Information
EarlySense Vitals Surveillance System : Clinical Support
EarlySense Vitals Surveillance System : Services

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