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PIC 50™ Monitor-Defibrillator
971084E PIC 50
971084E PIC 50
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Part Number : 971084E
PIC 50 Deluxe 12-Lead with NIBP and SpO2
Part Number : 971083E
PIC 50 Basic 12-Lead with SpO2
PIC 50™ Monitor-Defibrillator : Accessories
Part Number : 971024
Data Record and Data Playback (includes one data card)
971108-E: Deluxe External Paddles
971108-E: Deluxe External Paddles
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Part Number : 971108-E
Deluxe External Paddles with remote energy select, charge buttons and energy discharge buttons on paddles
Part Number : 001537-U
Pediatric External Paddle Adapter
Part Number : 971107
PIC Hands Free Defibrillation/Pacing Cable
Part Number : 00185-3
Adult Defibrillation/Pacing/Monitoring/Synchronized Cardioversion Pads (1 box/10 pair)
Part Number : 001828-U
Pediatric Defibrillation/Pacing/Monitoring/Synchronized Cardioversion Pads (1 pouch/2 pads)
Part Number : 001739-U
ECG Plain White Paper (50 mm)
Part Number : 980137
Cardiology 8 MB "Linear" Style Data Card
Part Number : 971029-E
Paddle Tray/Integral Charger (using AC power) for PIC
Part Number : 001647-U
SuperPac Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Rechargeable Battery
Part Number : 90021-4
PIC Carrying Case (includes: top pouch, side pouches, cable management strips)
Power Options
Part Number : 981117E
PIC Basic Power Supply (110 V/220 V)
Part Number : 980132
12 V Power Connector
981122E: Dual Slot PIC SuperPac Battery Charger
981122E: Dual Slot PIC SuperPac Battery Charger
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Part Number : 981122E
Dual Slot PIC SuperPac Battery Charger
Part Number : 981119E
Vehicle Mounting Kit for PIC with Vehicle Mount Bracket, DC/AC power supply and customer carrying case with integral battery charging contacts
PIC 50™ Monitor-Defibrillator : Technical Support
PIC 50 Users Manual
2008-10-30 - Instructions on How to Use the PIC 50

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